Pre-order the new Cocaine Piss EP “PIÑACOLALOVE” now!




Our favourite Liège noise/punk combo COCAINE PISS  is at it again. Delivering you a fresh round of highly flammable sonic cocktails on limited picture disc 12 inch + digital.

The 12 inch contains 5 brand new tracks and 3 covers from The Dancer (by Onmens, Lord Hicks and Tommy La Menace). Artwork is by JEAN-BON.

The Limited edition version includes the limited picture disc, creepy fabulous cardboard puppets of the Cocaine Piss and a set of stickers.

CP puppets


Simultaneously with this launch, you have a chance to pick up hidden gems we recovered while moving stuff around in the warehouse.  It includes a number of items that are on sale as well.



With the premiere of their clip for “A Serious Case Of Imposter Syndrome” the most recent addition to our roster, Supergenius, have kicked off the start of the pre-orders for their new album “Supertired

We release this album in collaboration with 9000 Records (Consouling) and we entrust your pre-order to their store. Click here to get your copy!

There’s a great sense of kinship and mutual respect between us and the good people at Consouling Sounds. The release we’re announcing today is a manifestation thereof.

9000 Records (by Consouling) and Hypertension Records are joining forces to release “Supertired” – the debut album by Belgium-based four piece SUPERGENIUS.

While the band name might not sound familiar, the band members and their pedigree will. They’ve been around in bands like Oathbreaker, Wiegedood, Rise and Fall and Beecher. Markedly different from the output of the aforementioned bands, SUPERGENIUS delves into the musical pool that shaped these guys’ record collections and musical outlook.

Our shared fondness of how SUPERGENIUS draws on influences from indie and punk bands spanning the last three decades of alternative music made “Supertired” the album both labels wanted to embrace. The music has a familiar ring to it, but at the same time sounds fresh and inspired.