ABSENT IN BODY – “The Abyss Stares Back” series


We are pleased to announce the release details of the fifth and final installment of ‘The Abyss Stares Back’ series.

The unique collaboration between Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Syndrome/Amenra) and Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra/CHVE) is a twenty minute opus entitled ‘Absent In Body’.

The record will be limited to 500 vinyl copies, and will be released via Hypertension on January 20, 2017. Only a limited amount for sale (other copies for abyss subscribers, just a few boxed sets left on black)

 Pre-order 26/12 at 12.00 CET through our store.


Pre-order The Dancer by Cocaine Piss!

forsiteWe teased you with two singles earlier this year. Now you can get your copy of The Dancer, Cocaine Piss’ debut full length recorded and mastered at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Steve Albini.

Will you go for Multicolour Glittershitstorm, Pink Weirdo, Black Speedo, Die Hard Plastic Plants, Average Romance or This Is No Fashion Show? Find out which limited edition pre-order package suits you best here: http://bit.ly/glittershitstorm

Pre-orders start at Noon – Sept. 2nd 2016.

Toon Baele (aka MartiKooVideo) made this cool teaser for Ugly Face On, the opening track of the album:

Plenty of reasons to come to Rock Herk this year. Hell, the summer’s even planning an appearance!

Come check our bands, friends of the family and some of the frayed Hypertension staffers.

PARTISAN and COCAINE PISS will kick off the club on Friday.

VVOVNDS teams up with Svartvit on Saturday.


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