COCAINE PISS is currently recording their upcoming full-length at the infamous Electrical Audio Studios with Steve Albini.

Aurélie Poppins is keeping a diary and you can read all about their crazy adventure in Belgian newspaper De Morgen (Dutch only) or our Facebook or Tumblr (English versions).

Tintin in Chicago! Enjoy!

COCAINE PISS versus The Hype

We’re happy to announce our next cooperation with the craziest thing to come out of Wallifornia: COCAINE PISS

Cocaine Piss hails from Liège, Belgium. This female fronted punk band is the best thing the city has delivered since Hiatus. Simple, fast, effective, aggressive yet loving. Their style is like being asked out on a speed-date in the middle of a highway with 20 minutes to bust out your quickest dance moves.

In December 2015 we will release their demo “The Pool” on a limited etched 12” (300 copies), etched, yes, no need to read again,  that’s how crazy we are about this band!

In February 2016 they hit the studio with Steve Albini (Steve fucking Albini!) to record their full length, set to be released in September 2016.

Get ready for a glittershitstorm!



New additions to the roster: VVovnds & Partisan

It’s with great pleasure that HYPE announces the collaboration with two of Belgium most promising, shredding and exciting bands: VVovnds and Partisan. We will be releasing the first LP of VVounds in the wake of Halloween (November 3th) and the first Partisan 12-inch on November 16th. Both records are now up for preorder in our store.

The punk of VVOVNDS is immediate, it hits hard and deep, but yet it still defies easy descriptions. Like their name, they leave things simple, their boots firmly planted in the roots of the hardcore punk genre. But at the same time it’s impos­sible to find an easy reference point, the traditional sounds-just-like-x, because for them x doesn’t mark just one spot. To the contrary, they have a lot of x’s, scratched in blood throughout the walls of genres like powerviolence, sludge and who knows what else, as long as it’s covered in bile, blood and tears. Although comparisons are difficult to find and far-fetched, we’ll give it a try: imagine all members from Converge/ Lightning Bolt/ Ice Age/ Uniform and Some Girls caught in a drunken bar fight, all armed with rusty prisonknives…

PARTISAN is the brainchild of Cedric Goetgebuer, Ivo Debrabandere and Thijs Goethals. Having known one another for many years they began to work, play, create as a unit in 2013. PARTISAN represents a sonic departure from the norm; its collective members may be known for past and current HC and metal-derived projects such as Rise and Fall and Oathbreaker, but they are far from being a mere extension of their predecessors. With their post-punk inspired sound, driven by noisy, yet clean and bright guitars and pulsating bass, PARTISAN channel influences from their collective musical pasts into songs that deliver their power and urgency through texture, dynamics and dark melody. Massive noise, reverb and distortion but always with a melodic approach and a keen sense of songcraft and dynamics. Dark hypnotic poptunes that beguile and bewilder, drowned in fuzz and reverb, not unlike The Jesus and Mary Chain / Killing Joke / The Wipers / A Place To Bury Strangers