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The Abyss Stares Back # 1 Amenra/Vvovnds LP

350 copies on black vinyl 150 copies on clear vinyl

Mass II reissue in April 2014

Flashback to 2005! Belgium’s leading doom/sludge metal act AMENRA independently releases ‘Mass II’, an extremely limited edition collector’s item pressed on CDR and silkscreened LP. The record is only available at one of their legendary concerts, at an abandoned chapel in their hometown of Ghent. Mass II becomes a much sought after hidden gem… Fast-forward […]

Mass III & Mass IIII reissues

Here’s some great news for all true believers of the Church of Ra: December 1st Hypertension Records will be re-releasing both Amenra’s Mass III and Mass IIII. Both classics were remixed and remastered by Billy Anderson (who already worked with a.o. Neurosis, Sleep, Mr.Bungle, OM..). Mass III will be available on CD, Mass IIII both […]

Syndrome – Now And Forever LP up for pre-order

The Syndrome testpress is – euh- tested on maximum volume and within a matter of weeks we’ll recieve the finished product. Expect an audio and visual masterpiece limited to 300 pcs. The Lp-version will contain 35 minutes (instead of 28 minutes on cd). pre-orders will recieve one of the 100 copies on clear vinyl and […]

new Hypertension release for 2013

Brought to life by Mathieu Vandekerckhove, creative backbone of bands as Amenra, Kingdom, SemblerDeah, Caan…, Syndrome was born at the very heart of the Church of Ra. Syndrome’s latest, astonishing, work, NOW AND FOREVER shows art in his truest form: heartfelt, personal, pure and free. Wisdom from a father passed on to his son in […]


Brought to life by Mathieu Vandekerckhove, creative backbone of bands as Amenra, Kingdom, SemblerDeah, Caan…, Syndrome was born at the very heart of the Church of Ra. Syndrome’s latest, astonishing, work, NOW AND FOREVER shows art in his truest form: heartfelt, personal, pure and free. Wisdom from a father passed on to his son in […]

Now And Forever

200 copies on black vinyl 100 copies on clear vinyl

The beast has risen from hibernation

First things first: after a short break and some time to take care of our recent offspring (3 new additions to the Hype-families, 2 girls, 1 boy, in case you’re keeping count) we can assure you the beast has risen from hibernation! Unless the Mayas prove us wrong expect some fresh releases early 2013! Stay […]

Sembler Deah “Kaessariah. heel een leven lang.” – LP order NOW!

Starting today true believers with the audacity to travel behind words and speech can engage in the experience of SEMBLER DEAH’S – “Kaessariah. Heel een Leven Lang”. Hypertension will press this bold eulogy of dark ambient and industrial noisesoundscapes on top-notch quality vinyl that comes limited to only 300 pieces. 200 on black vinyl, 100 […]


ZOMBI Official site: DISCOGRAPHY S/t – self-released (2002) Twilight Sentinel – self-released (2003) Cosmos – Relapse (2004) The Zombi Anthology – self-released (2005 Digitalis – self-released (2006) Surfa ce To Air – Relapse/Hypertension (2006) MEMBERS Steve Moore: Bass, Synthesizers A. E. Pattera: Drums, Synthesizers BIOGRAPHY TProducing work that is epic in concept, sound, and […]

kaessariah. heel een leven lang.

Limited LP (300 copies) 100 copies on clear vinyl 200 copies on black vinyl


Gatefold LP+ CD (limited to 300 copies on clear/black splatter) Regular CD in slipcase

Sembler Deah

Raised in 2010 by the meeting of Belgian preachers Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Mathieu Vandekerckhove and French Dehnsora, Sembler Deah is a journey behind words. This bold eulogy of dark ambient and industrial noisesoundscapes drags each participant, who is more than just a listener, into an ethereal and hypnotic journey of knotted drones and falls. […]

Venomous Concept

Black Haven

Biography Clawing their way up from the Ghent underground Black Haven is ready to amaze the world of heavy music with their first full length “Harmbringer”. Hypertension Records released “Harmbringer” both on CD and LP. Mixed by Hein Devos (Amenra, Hitch), mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge,..) and drawing influences from bands such as Tragedy, […]

Anaphylactic Shock

DISCOGRAPHY 2000 years – Hypertension Records (2008) MEMBERS Blankers – Guitar Eikenaar – Vox Kimenai – Bass Meurs – Drums BIOGRAPHY From the decaying bowels of Dutch hardcore comes a fresh musical beast. Dark without being pretentious, harsh without being hateful, dirty without being repulsive. Like most trouble, it was raised in a small basement, […]

Red Sparowes

DISCOGRAPHY At The Soundless Dawn – Neurot / Hypertension (2005) Triad – Neurot (2006) MEMBERS Clifford Meyer (ISIS) Josh Graham (NEUROSIS) Greg Burns (HALIFAX PIER) Jeff Caxide (ISIS) Dana Berkowitz (THE CIGNAL) BIOGRAPHY There just might be a certain warped truth to the phrase “guilt by association.” As in the case of Red Sparowes, its […]

Black Haven – Harmbringer – LP and CD are up for pre-order NOW

As of today you can pre-order Black Haven’s eagerly awaited debut full-length Harmbringer. To satisfy your audiosonic lust you can choose between a deluxe CD in slipcase or an exclusive gatefold LP (+CD included) on clear / black splatter vinyl (limited to 300 pieces). Pre-order packages come with an exclusive shirt and patch (ask your […]

Church or ra: Kingdom/Amenra

Church of ra: Kingdom / Amenra The Kingdom – Hemeltraan LP is going fast! Don’t miss out on this black pearl filled with bleak drones, epic doom and fuzzy sludge and check our store. Both Kingdom and Amenra will play a limited amount of shows in 2011, all carefully selected throughout Europe. Do not waste […]

Drums are for parades are taking over!

Drums Are For Parades’ “Master”-album is getting rave reviews and making waves everywhere. As a result DAFP will be destroying PA-systems and dB-meters all over the Benelux and beyond in the next months. Check your local club or festival! Speaking of Master, we only have a few more of the LP on “clear” left so […]

Black Haven added to the roster

It’s with great excitement we announce the addition of yet another fantastic band to our roster: BLACK HAVEN. Clawing their way up from the Ghent underground BLACK HAVEN is ready to amaze the world of heavy music with their first full length “Harmbringer”. Hypertension Records will release “Harmbringer” both on CD and LP early 2011 […]

Drums Are For Parades

BIOGRAPHY Or so they say…we’re not sure that when the name was coined it was meant to be literal. In fact, truth be told, we don’t even know where the name came from. Because like nearly everything else about DAFP – the answers to any questions just seem to lead to more questions… What we […]


Pressing info: 400 copies on white vinyl 100 copies on clear vinyl

Kingdom Hemeltraan LP-release and new addition to the roster: Drums Are For Parades

Once again we are more than excited to announce two new releases from which the second one also marks the addition of an amazing new band to the HYPE-roster. Our first new release is the highly anticipated vinyl-release of Kingdom’s latest sermon “Hemeltraan”. The release will be limited to 300 copies worldwide. 300 copies on […]


The smell of fire weighs on the stale air. The birds have fallen silent. A shiver runs through the naked skeletons of the trees. The dead river meanders aimlessly. As the sun darkens, the moon is bereft of its light. The land grows weary amidst the shadows grey, and hearts are relieved for they welcome […]


regular edition on cd LP 300 copies on solid orange alternative cover

Pre-orders for Hemeltraan

Hypertension Records have started taking pre-orders for “Hemeltraan”, the sophomore album by Belgium’s KINGDOM, featuring members of AMENRA, BLACK HEART REBELLION and BLIND TO FAITH who welcome us into their world of darkness. This new album sees the band further exploring the outskirts of desperate metal, resulting in a slow, mature work of bleak drones, […]

Folie Circulaire

100 copies on red/black 400 copies on black 5 testpressings

Withered vinyl release on Hypertension

Hypertension is proud to announce the highly anticipated vinyl-release of Atlanta’s WITHERED latest opus: Folie Circulaire. Voted one of last years best metal-albums by Decibel Mag, Terrorizer, and even the NY times, Folie Circulaire features exclusive artwork by PAUL ROMANO and a devastating mix courtesy of PHILLIP COPE (Baroness, Kylesa, Black Tusk..). For this release […]

Amenra has new guitar player

AMENRA 2xLP PRE-ORDERS The year is finally coming to an end, for us the perfect time to announce the release of the long-awaited vinyl version of AMENRA’s masterpiece ‘Mass IIII’. As of January 5st until January 20th, we will be taking preorders for the AMENRA ‘Mass IIII’ 2xLP. It will have a superb deluxe gatefold […]

Mass II

Ltd edition 500 copies Repress digipack edition (april 2014)


Atlanta’s WITHERED rose from members of the grindcore/crust punk band Social Infestation, with a yearning to explore extreme music and create something with black metal overtones and dramatic guitar melodies while still clinging to their punk and grind roots. Hypertension Records will proudly be taking care of the vinyl release of their latest masterpiece entitled […]

Amenra “Mass III & IIII” out soon on Init records

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Init Records will be taking care of an official US release of AMENRA’s last two records. More news as soon as have more details! For now, check them out at

Amenra Mass II and Mass IIII releases

AMENRA “Mass II” CD OUT NOW Hypertension is proud to announce that we are currently finishing the pressing for AMENRA’s most sought after release, ‘Mass II’. This record was only available at their shows a couple of years ago, but due to popular demand, the band and us decided to do an official release of […]

Amenra US spring tour 2009

Here are the dates for the upcoming US tour: 02/15        NYC, NY @ tba 02/16        Providence, RI @ Club Hell 02/17        Boston, MA @ The Church 02/18        Albany, NY @ Valentines 02/19        Montreal, QC @ Katacombes 02/20        Toronto, ON @ Studio BLR 02/21        Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar 02/22        Chicago, IL @ tba […]

Amenra part ways with guitarist

That’s right. AMENRA decided to part ways with guitarist Vincent Tetaert. Due to this line-up change, all shows have been cancelled. The first AMENRA show will be at the Eurosonic Festival in January. Then they’ll return to the US soil early February, followed by a slew of shows in Greece and the Low Countries in […]

Amenra “Mass IIII” reviews

So, it’s been a couple of months since we unleashed ‘Mass IIII’ onto the world. And the reactions, well, check it out for yourself: “Mass IIII” will be one of the best albums for 2008! The feeling is supernatural – There’s no competition at all!!” (Archaic Magazine) “…more liable to be locked into an enduring, […]


Regular edition 150 pre-order packages incl 6 postcards + T-shirt 2xLP 150 copies on clear 600 copies on black 2nd press 100 copies on clear (180 gr vinyl) 400 copies on black (180gr vinyl) 3rd press 100 copies on grey/white vinyl (+ cd) 200 copies on white vinyl (+ cd) 200 copies on grey vinyl […]


BIOGRAPHY Decaying cathedrals. The march at twilight towards a sure death. Infested soil. Millions of decrepit bones in an eternal sleep. Surrounded by shrapnel, rusty bullets and locust. Cries still echo in the barren fields, remaining unheard by today’s deaf society. It’s on this soil that the first big war came to an end, it’s […]

Some secrets are better left untold

25 march 2008 Some secrets are better left untold. Some mysteries are better left unraveled. Some dogma’s are better rewritten. The time has come to abandon all of man’s doctrines and to embrace ‘Mass IIII’, AMENRA’s sophomore full-length for Hypertension Records. 27 months of touring, aching, rehearsing and searching after their breakthrough record ‘Mass III’, […]

2000 years

Pressing info: Digipack edition

Anaphylactic Shock update

Our boys in THE SHOCK have been playing shows like crazy in pursuit of their critically acclaimed debut album “2000 Years”. These next few weeks they’ll share the stage with bands like DISFEAR, GRIEF and DOOMRIDERS to name a few, so it’s safe to say that they’re “good busy”. There’s more exciting news about our […]

Retroactive Abortion

Pressing info: 333 Picture Disc LPs 5 testpressings

Hypertension and Hollowman records state of the world address

First things first. We’d like to welcome Belgium ‘s gore/grind/death metal pride ABORTED to the family. Our newly baptized imprint label Hollowman will be handling the vinyl duties of their newest record “Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture”, with a release date expected early March. Few European bands have succeeded in taking over a scene […]

Hypertension announces Hollowman Records imprint

NOW TAKING BORN FROM PAIN PREORDERS Hypertension is proud to announce the launch of Hollowman Records, a new imprint label. Hollowman will be run with the same care and high standards that makes Hypertension thrive, but is set to focus on a different side of the underground music spectrum. To celebrate this new label and […]

Zombi Surface to air


Surface To Air

Pressing info: 150 Transparent Blue 450 Black No testpressings 2nd press 100 on clear 200 on white

Mass III

Pressing info: Regular edition 150 Pre-order packages incl. DVD & Tshirt Remastered cd-editon (november 2013)


Pressing info: 460 Black/Black 140 Red/Red 25 Red-splattered/Red-splattered No testpressings


DISCOGRAPHY Crossbearer – Too Damn Hype (1994) Into The Wire – Edison (1995) Croatoan Hypertension (2005) / Candlelight (2006) MEMBERS Rennie Resmini Todd Forkin Harry Rosa Vincent Rosa BIOGRAPHY Thugcore rhythms. Slayer-esque metalcore. Faux melodic Swedish death metal. Aggro-tech fretboard gymnastics. Screamo. Genres with hyphens. Easy to swallow, run of the mill, forgettable and just […]

At The Soundless Dawn

Pressing info: 1ST PRESS 430 Black/Black 150 Clear/Clear 20 Clear/Black 5 Testpressings 2ND PRESS 219 Black/Black 99 White/White