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Sardonis joins The Abyss Stares Back / Clear vinyl sold out

Oi oi, some news The “clear” version of The Abyss Stares Back – boxset is completely sold out! The version on black vinyl is going fast as well, only a small amount of boxsets left (30 copies). Again a big thanks for the overwhelming support!  You can still get some seperate copies of release # 1 (Amenra / Vvovnds) and release # 2 (Primitive […]

The Abyss Stares Back – boxset pre-order online

The Boxset is up for pre-order. All info in our store. If you’re interested in a single release: we’ll sell remaining copies of the Amenra/Vvovnds split LP in our store from May 20th. Around the same date we’ll ship the first parcels of the boxset.

The Abyss Stares Back – boxset

Hypertension records announce a series of split releases featuring previously unreleased songs by Amenra, Scott Kelly, Primitive Man, Drums Are For Parades, Nihill, Alkerdeel, Mathieu Vandekerckhove, Hessian, Vvovnds The Music  The record-industry is dead, long live the underground!  Today’s crisis in the record-industry might seem to be a curse, not only for the big money consuming […]