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350 copies on black vinyl (100 mispressings with different cutting) 150 copies on clear vinyl 10 testpressings

The beast has risen from hibernation

First things first: after a short break and some time to take care of our recent offspring (3 new additions to the Hype-families, 2 girls, 1 boy, in case you’re keeping count) we can assure you the beast has risen from hibernation! Unless the Mayas prove us wrong expect some fresh releases early 2013! Stay […]

Sembler Deah “Kaessariah. heel een leven lang.” – LP order NOW!

Starting today true believers with the audacity to travel behind words and speech can engage in the experience of SEMBLER DEAH’S – “Kaessariah. Heel een Leven Lang”. Hypertension will press this bold eulogy of dark ambient and industrial noisesoundscapes on top-notch quality vinyl that comes limited to only 300 pieces. 200 on black vinyl, 100 […]

Drums are for parades are taking over!

Drums Are For Parades’ “Master”-album is getting rave reviews and making waves everywhere. As a result DAFP will be destroying PA-systems and dB-meters all over the Benelux and beyond in the next months. Check your local club or festival! Speaking of Master, we only have a few more of the LP on “clear” left so […]


Pressing info: 400 copies on white vinyl 100 copies on clear vinyl

Kingdom Hemeltraan LP-release and new addition to the roster: Drums Are For Parades

Once again we are more than excited to announce two new releases from which the second one also marks the addition of an amazing new band to the HYPE-roster. Our first new release is the highly anticipated vinyl-release of Kingdom’s latest sermon “Hemeltraan”. The release will be limited to 300 copies worldwide. 300 copies on […]