Anaphylactic Shock update

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Our boys in THE SHOCK have been playing shows like crazy in pursuit of their critically acclaimed debut album “2000 Years”. These next few weeks they’ll share the stage with bands like DISFEAR, GRIEF and DOOMRIDERS to name a few, so it’s safe to say that they’re “good busy”. There’s more exciting news about our favourite Dutch posse, but for now, check out these raving reviews:

  • “If more hardcorebands created music like this, the world would be a better, darker place” (Rock -a- Rolla – UK)
  • “Where most bands are happy to blur the boundaries between genres, AS are wrapping them in paper and dogshit and seting fire to them on your doorstep.” (Terrorizer – UK)
  • “Everything on this record is meant to destroy, with succes!” (OOR – NL)
  • “This is a band that will squeeze you around the throat until you go blue” (Metal Hammer – UK)
  • “Hollands most promising metalband” (Kindamuzik – NL)
  • “The pure weight of each song bears down with every passing second like a rock crushing the listener to death” (Metal Observer – CA )
  • “AS enter the metalscene with a BANG!” (Aardschok – NL)
  • “With evil monsters as this one around, it is pretty easy to get your dose of nightmares now and again.” (Cracked – AT)
  • “They melt the extreme visions of dark and psychotic with the darkness and evil of classic metal. A fine mixture, perfect to set fire to something””.  (Cracked Zine)