Amenra “Mass IIII” reviews

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So, it’s been a couple of months since we unleashed ‘Mass IIII’ onto the world. And the reactions, well, check it out for yourself:

  • “Mass IIII” will be one of the best albums for 2008! The feeling is supernatural – There’s no competition at all!!” (Archaic Magazine)
  • “…more liable to be locked into an enduring, weirdly exhilarating slog of repetition, and channeled into an overall experience that’ll make you feel like you’re being dragged out to sea’ (Terrorizer – UK)
  • “Een machtig zwaar geluid, vol dreiging en sfeer” (Up Magazine – NL)
  • An awful, evil, devastating, distorting and disturbing piece of music!” (Monochrome– AT)
  • “Mesmeriserend, aangrijpend, pijnlijk soms maar vooral geweldig mooi in al zijn rauwheid, dat is Amenra. Dit is geen band, dit is een belevenis.”(Kwadratuur – BE))