Kingdom Hemeltraan LP-release and new addition to the roster: Drums Are For Parades

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Once again we are more than excited to announce two new releases from which the second one also marks the addition of an amazing new band to the HYPE-roster.

Our first new release is the highly anticipated vinyl-release of Kingdom’s latest sermon “Hemeltraan”. The release will be limited to 300 copies worldwide. 300 copies on orange, agent orange that is. In good old “Hype”-tradition the LP-version comes with totally different but equally astonishing artwork. This mystical and heartfelt exploration of darkness and impending doom will sound even more compelling on vinyl so don’t sleep on this one, preorders start next week! Check Kingdom’s next shows: 10/11 De Kreun, Kortrijk with Shrinebuilder and 28/11 Decadence, Ghent.

So what about our next release and addition to the Hype-roster? Last summer Ralf and Dries took a trip to the Jet Studio in Brussels to meet up with our favourite sonic iconoclast DRUMS ARE FOR PARADE. We got a sneak peek of their sophomore album “Master”, amidst what seemed to be a chaotic but festive reunion of all of their creative friends we sat there dazzled and amazed by the sheer power, conviction and creativity of every single song. “Master”, pun intended, is a masterpiece, just like that. As bold as brass  it’s a whirlwind of timeless and audacious sonic attacks on mediocrity and complacency. “Master” combines the urgency and creative need of your favourite punk records with the unbounded musicality of like-minded free spirits like Fantomas/Tomahawak, Mastodon or even John Zorn. We’re not even going to mention the Melvins or Masters of Reality (of long-time supporter Chris Goss) but fuck it, we just did

master cover art

“Master” is passionate and pure just like it’s makers, and so it’s with great proud and even more pleasure we announce our collaboration with Drums Are For Parades. Our first joint effort will be the vinyl release of “Master” (cd-version on Skeleton Ears). What can you expect? As always top quality vinyl printed on 500 copies (400 white, 100 clear) including a drop card for all you iPod/iPhone nerds and additional special artwork (poster). Preorder starts within a few weeks so keep checking our site/facebook. P.S. Luckily there are still enough people tangible for the rare quality of Drums Are For Parade’s “Master”: check the multiple rave reviews and the high charting position of single “Another kind of bad ” in Belgian’s number one alternative chart “De Afrekening”. DAFP is also invited by there friends in Soulwax to bring some Christmas-cheer and more importantly mayhem at Soulwaxmas 2010.

Finally, for all die hard vinyl freaks, cleaning out our closets we stumbled on the long lost but also very last copies of Red Sparowes “At the soundless dawn” (2xLP) and Venomous Concept “Retroactive Abortion” (LP-picture disc). We only got a few so act like there’s no tomorrow!