Anaphylactic Shock

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2000 years – Hypertension Records (2008)


Blankers – Guitar
Eikenaar – Vox
Kimenai – Bass
Meurs – Drums


From the decaying bowels of Dutch hardcore comes a fresh musical beast. Dark without being pretentious, harsh without being hateful, dirty without being repulsive. Like most trouble, it was raised in a small basement, cluttered by broken amps and empty bottles. It’s early 2007, and within mere months after being spawned, the beast emerged as a potent monster, ready to lurk the downtrodden streets of the Low Countries. Blackened by years of prowling around in the dark underbelly of the Netherland’s extreme counterculture, serving time in bands like Union Town, No Turning Back, Restless Youth and Dead Rivers, ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK are now set to leave their deadly mark.

Through the drug inflicted undergrowth and fantastical thickets of dark imagination comes “2000 years”, the debut of the elusive Tilburg-based quartet. Downtuned and monstrous, with guitar riffs that leap out of the speakers, “2000 years” charges forward with the brutal angst of Tragedy and Cursed, whilst maintaining a mesmerizing combination of the punishing vocal sensibilities of Darkthrone and the compelling groove of Entombed. ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK aren’t necessarily doing a whole lot new, but they’re taking the genre to a new level, perfecting the loud, the fast and the dirgey. The band enrolled Patrick Delabie (known for producing Restless Youth, White Circle Crime Club, Rubbish Heap, etc.) to help with tones in the studio. Mixing and mastering was left in the skilled hands of Vincent Koreman (The House of Destructo, The Travoltas, The Apers).

The outcome is simply gargantuan.

Vocals that manage to chronicle the evils of the world in a way that never patronizes, nor detracts from the unbridled musical rage of his bandmates. The guitar work unites the raw d-beat style of bands like Disfear and Tragedy, with the doom-laden offering of classic bands like Pentagram or Black Sabbath, and contemporaries like Entombed or High on Fire. The rhythm section has clear roots in their aggressive hardcore past, showing zero concessions, taking on a new life and pushing the beast onward more urgently than ever.

Despite its brief time of existence, ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK already shared the stage with High On Fire, Lair Of The Minotaur, Capricons, Wolves In The Throne Room, Cursed and label mates Amenra. Friends and foes alike, in the coming years, “2000 years” strength will win converts, even among those who will initially jump ship, scared of the uncompromising assault on their senses.

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