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Brought to life by Mathieu Vandekerckhove, creative backbone of bands as Amenra, Kingdom, SemblerDeah, Caan…, Syndrome was born at the very heart of the Church of Ra.

Syndrome’s latest, astonishing, work, NOW AND FOREVER shows art in his truest form: heartfelt, personal, pure and free. Wisdom from a father passed on to his son in an amazing moving journey through beautiful landscapes of sound, music and words. A narrative both deeply touching and shocking, melancholic, brooding but always hopeful and liberating. Experience the beating of a truly creative heart in every note.

All songs, guitar and vocals by Mathieu Vandekerkhove (Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah, Caan). Additional vocals on Now And Forever by Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra, Kingdom, CHVE,…)
. Additional piano and Moog by Josh Graham (Neurosis, A Storm Of Light, Battle Of Mice, Red Sparowes…). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hein Devos (Amenra, Hitch,…) at Dekreun, Kortrijk, Belgium. 

Layout by Tine Guns
. Painting “Bateau, 2011” by Matthieu Ronsse, Almine Rech Gallery