Mass II reissue in April 2014

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Flashback to 2005! Belgium’s leading doom/sludge metal act AMENRA independently releases ‘Mass II’, an extremely limited edition collector’s item pressed on CDR and silkscreened LP. The record is only available at one of their legendary concerts, at an abandoned chapel in their hometown of Ghent. Mass II becomes a much sought after hidden gem…

Fast-forward to 2008, Amenra finally decides to remaster and officially release ‘Mass II’ through Hypertension Records, as with the 2005-edition the record sells out in no time.

Now another 4 years later, due to popular demand both band and label have decided to re-release this rare classic. The 2014-version of Mass II will be available in digipack including enhanced video.

With “Mass II”, AMENRA delve deep into the forgotten yet painfully honest solitude, longings, disappointments and aching needs at the heart of secret selves.As usual, they create dark landscapes with cinematic qualities, creating lush, repetitive rhythms, that resonate a sense of sonic darkness. Transcending the limits of time and space, AMENRA embark on a journey of painstaking subtlety and crushing disruptions. With dense, reverberating guitar work and mesmerizing rhythms, AMENRA create colossal compositions, testament to their sheer talent for creating a threatening, apocalyptic feeling.

Mass II will be available April 8th, special package including a limited Mass III shirt through our store.