Ceci n’est pas un disque – a tribute in loving memory of Florent Pevée / Kabul Golf Club

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Turn the clock back to 2012. “Le Bal Du Rat Mort”, Kabul Golf Club’s EP was tearing everyone in the Belgian alt scene a new one. Brothers Jan and Maarten were known for colouring outside the lines, having formed the backbone of nineties stalwarts Kindred, but it was newcomer and youngster Florent who added an extra kick of nasty to their already fucked up cocktail. Whilst KGC kept things tight and grounded as far as the HC-punk roots go, they never shied away from the bleak back-alleys Shellac, The Locust, Future Of The Left or TC Matic used to frequent. There was always a whiff of Belgian surrealism to their approach to music, lyrics and artwork. Reasons enough for Hypertension Records to hook up with these guys to prepare the release of a second, scorching EP. KGC was ready to take the world by storm.

Until that dreaded November 29th in 2013… a horrible traffic accident robbed 21-yr old sparkling multi-talented Florent of his life. Abruptly ending KGC as well.

The remaining band members and Hypertension have decided to join forces to give Florent the artistic commemoration he deserves by realizing one of his dreams: releasing “Le Bal Du Rat Mort” on vinyl.

As always with KGC, the norm is always a slightly different approach and “just re-releasing the EP on vinyl” was not option. Instead, we’ll be creating a unique work of art, aptly named “CECI N’EST PAS UN DISQUE”, with new artwork (by “Haspengouw Wizzard” Steebz Khuan), a photo magazine and exciting new music. For that, we asked friends of KGC to do what they do best: create, rock, make their own interpretation of their favourite KGC song and put it to tape for this project: The Sore Losers, Polaroid Fiction, The K, Little Trouble Kids, Raketkanon, Piquet, The Rott Childs, Rise And Fall.

Every band is not just giving its own view and interpretation of their favo song, it’s also a heartfelt gesture of friendship, a sound farewell honouring the KGC musical heritage, and Florent more specifically. It’s the ultimate expression of friendship and the deeply rooted punkethics each band still holds so dear.

In addition to the vinyl and extra CD, this deluxe edition will also contain a photo magazine.

“Ceci n’est pas un disque” will be presented at “Ceci n’est pas un concert” on Saturday November 29th at the Muziekodroom, Hasselt. It will be one year to the day Florent passed away. Special guests will be joined by the likes of Drums Are For Parades, The K., Little Trouble Kids, Piquet, Polaroid Fiction,  Raketkanon and Rott Childs.

Early bird parcels (25 euro for the LP + ticket) are now available in the store.