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Power duos are the new power trios in terms of extremely heavy coolness, am I right? There’s something uniquely powerful about the direct connection between two musicians feeding off each other, especially if they’re playing something as corrosively, unbearably heavy as the two fine gentlemen called Jelle and Roel are when they step on stage under the fear-raising SardoniS name. Who cares about basses or keyboards or whatever futility other bands come up with when you’re in the middle of a whirlwind fury of gigantic riffs like, oh, just about every single one SardoniS have ever written? No one, that’s who. And vocals, too. Screw them. Let’s be honest, there’ve been plenty of cool instrumental bands throughout the years, but even on most of the cool ones, you can’t help but wonder what would they sound like with some guy/girl screaming on top of it all. Not so with these guys. It’s as if a supreme cosmic entity pulled up the soul essence of Tony Iommi and Bill Ward in 1971, established an unbreakable telepathic link between them, kept them in a dark room listening to the entire discographies of Karma To Burn and High On Fire on loop and then set them loose on the unsuspecting 21st century. Yeah, Jelle and Roel might deny it, but that’s what really happened.