Damien Done

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Damien Done is the nom de plume of Damien Moyal, best known as frontman of iconic 90s hardcore punk bands As Friends Rust, Culture, Shai Hulud and Morning Again.


Here, Moyal takes a sharp and decided turn from the angst of his past, instead crooning unnerving, voyeuristic tales over bleak numbers that at once touch on the doom and drawl of swampy grunge and the cold, blue sneer of dark 80s pop and post-punk.

After 3 singles, Charm Offensive is Damien Done’s first full-length — an album laden with tales of blackmail, voyeurism, secrecy and guilt. Still nodding to the doom-tinged rock’n’roll of his previous releases, Charm Offensive now sees Damien Done exploring a lush, gloomy pop frontier, at times calling to mind the shimmering black art of Tears for Fears, Billy Idol or Echo & The Bunnymen. Charm Offensive is dense and unsettling, but strangely sweet and impossibly distinct.

Throw your fluffy purple bean bag in the darkest corner of your room, sink in and pry into Damien Done’s dark journey.