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Hypertension Records is a small label founded back  in 2005 by some friends sharing a  common love and vision for music. The masterplan? Releasing bands or projects by artists and people we admire.  We have a soft spot for Riffs, Spheres and Punk (ethics), neat artwork and wax. As we grew up in a time when punk meant friendship, sincerity and being open-minded we try to work fast, correct and cut the business bullshit to an absolute minimum.

We raised some eyebrows by releasing stuff from Red Sparowes, Amenra, Cocaine Piss, Starkweather, Zombi, Venomous Concept, Drums Are For Parades,…

You can file us under: vinyl – punk – sludge – hardcore – metal –  doom – nerds – riffs – friendly

Note to bands sending demos or submissions

We’re fans so we at least try to listen to everything (even if its for 1 minute or so). But please don’t expect us to always get back to you with feedback or something. Our schedule for 2017 is pretty much full…


To whom it concerns; Hypertension is generally not interested in trading.

We could point you to a dozen webstores who are much more capable and efficient than us, so to avoid wasting everybody’s time and effort, we only distribute items affiliated to the Hypertension roster.

In exceptional cases however we do consider (small) trades if the items fit our label. We will go over options but if we don’t get back don’t take it personal. With the Belgian shipping rates in mind, it’s not that obvious.


Normally we send out parcels the same day but sometimes our dayjobs/children eat pretty much all of our time and it takes 2/3 days maximum.  If the postal service works well, parcels in Belgium will reach your doorstep the next day, in Europe next week and overseas normally 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it takes some extra time so give the postman some slacking but keep us (ahum) posted if it takes too long.

If something goes wrong or you have a complaint about something in general, please drop us a line (info@hypertensionrecords.com) instead of discussing it on Facebook, Twitter,…We’re easy to deal with and most of us don’t eat meat so we won’t biteJ

If some of these words sound familiar: yep we’ve stolen some of these lines from the nice people @ Profoune Lore


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hypertensionrecords
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HypertensionRex
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hypertensionrex
Tumblr: http://hypertensionrex.tumblr.com