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Store update check OUR STORE  for all Hype releases and some cool stuff we’re distributing

Store update – Hype restocks at Evil Greed – Green Hell

These are strange and sometimes tiring times but music, more than ever, can offer some relief and much needed escapism! So no worries: we’ve got your backs! We’re constantly updating our store, not only with our releases but also stuff we’re distributing from other labels, some bands we’d like to help out, basically cool shit! […]

Raw Peace

The sonic equivalent of a rabid pitbull on a rusty chain in an echoing, dirty back alley. Some Hypertension staffers grew up at a stone’s throw of the Eben-Emael fort. This inactive fortress, built in the 1930’s, is notorious for the events of May 10th 1940. A small team of German paratroopers took control of […]

New Cocaine Piss video + single out now!!

Check out the new video/single off Cocaine Piss’ next full length (release mid-March 2019).  Order your copy of the single here

Public Psyche

To the surprise of many, Rape Blossoms have decided to change their name to Public Psyche while finishing the follow-up of ‘Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven’ (2011) and ‘Ruinenlust’ (2014). Recorded in their rehearsal space by the notorious Beyt Al Tapes, the third LP ‘No New Violence’ once again offers six tracks, but not exactly more […]

Anniversary vinyl edition Amenra – Mass IIII out on July 20th!

Amenra has been part Hypertension Records’ DNA since the very beginning. In 2005, they toured with starkweather, our first signing. In 2006 the release of Mass III followed. In the years after that, releases by Kingdom, Syndrome, Sembler Deah and Absent in Body further cemented a relationship built on mutual respect. 10 years ago Mass […]

Damien Done

Damien Done is the nom de plume of Damien Moyal, best known as frontman of iconic 90s hardcore punk bands As Friends Rust, Culture, Shai Hulud and Morning Again.   Here, Moyal takes a sharp and decided turn from the angst of his past, instead crooning unnerving, voyeuristic tales over bleak numbers that at once […]

Damien Done LTD EURO Version

Dear lovers of all things gloomy, we have some great news for you. We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with Damien Done. If your track record goes back to the nineties, as is the case for most of us here at Hypertension, Damien Moyal’s name probably rings a bell. He fronted bands like […]


We proudly present you or two latest releases: NO NEW VIOLENCE and WE HAVE BEEN SO TERRIBLY BETRAYED. A (very) limited number of pre-order packs and combo deals are still available for our two latest releases: SHOP HERE More info on each release can be found below.  PARTISAN’s new EP: WE HAVE BEEN SO TERRIBLY […]

Pre-order the new Cocaine Piss EP “PIÑACOLALOVE” now!

    Our favourite Liège noise/punk combo COCAINE PISS  is at it again. Delivering you a fresh round of highly flammable sonic cocktails on limited picture disc 12 inch + digital. The 12 inch contains 5 brand new tracks and 3 covers from The Dancer (by Onmens, Lord Hicks and Tommy La Menace). Artwork is by JEAN-BON. The […]


With the premiere of their clip for “A Serious Case Of Imposter Syndrome” the most recent addition to our roster, Supergenius, have kicked off the start of the pre-orders for their new album “Supertired” We release this album in collaboration with 9000 Records (Consouling) and we entrust your pre-order to their store. Click here to […]


While the band name might not sound familiar, the band members and their pedigree will. They’ve been around in bands like Oathbreaker, Wiegedood, Rise and Fall and Beecher. Markedly different from the output of the aforementioned bands, SUPERGENIUS delves into the musical pool that shaped these guys’ record collections and musical outlook. SUPERGENIUS draws on influences […]

There’s a great sense of kinship and mutual respect between us and the good people at Consouling Sounds. The release we’re announcing today is a manifestation thereof. 9000 Records (by Consouling) and Hypertension Records are joining forces to release “Supertired” – the debut album by Belgium-based four piece SUPERGENIUS. While the band name might not sound familiar, the band […]

ABSENT IN BODY – “The Abyss Stares Back” series

We are pleased to announce the release details of the fifth and final installment of ‘The Abyss Stares Back’ series. The unique collaboration between Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Syndrome/Amenra) and Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra/CHVE) is a twenty minute opus entitled ‘Absent In Body’. The record will be limited to 500 vinyl copies, and […]

Pre-order The Dancer by Cocaine Piss!

We teased you with two singles earlier this year. Now you can get your copy of The Dancer, Cocaine Piss’ debut full length recorded and mastered at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Steve Albini. Will you go for Multicolour Glittershitstorm, Pink Weirdo, Black Speedo, Die Hard Plastic Plants, Average Romance or This Is No Fashion Show? Find out which […]

Plenty of reasons to come to Rock Herk this year. Hell, the summer’s even planning an appearance! Come check our bands, friends of the family and some of the frayed Hypertension staffers. PARTISAN and COCAINE PISS will kick off the club on Friday. VVOVNDS teams up with Svartvit on Saturday.  

COCAINE PISS – EXCLUSIVE “COSMIC BULLSHIT” STREAM x SYNDROME – “NOW AND FOREVER” REPRESS   Cosmic Bulsshit – Subba premiere! Subbacultcha Belgium is exclusively streaming Cosmic Bullshit, Cocaine Piss’ second single off their upcoming full length on Hypertension Records. STREAM HERE! Pre-orders for this single start at noon on Friday 6 May. The single will […]


200 copies on black vinyl 100 copies on clear read vinyl 10 numbered testpressings

Cocaine Piss – Sex Weirdos 7″ up for pre-order

A few weeks ago Cocaine Piss journeyed to Chicago to record their first full length at Electrical Audio where Steve Albini helped them put 14 short and catchy outbursts to analog tape. Release date for the full length,is set for October 2016 but there’s no way we can contain all those rabid tracks until then. […]


COCAINE PISS is currently recording their upcoming full-length at the infamous Electrical Audio Studios with Steve Albini. Aurélie Poppins is keeping a diary and you can read all about their crazy adventure in Belgian newspaper De Morgen (Dutch only) or our Facebook or Tumblr (English versions). Tintin in Chicago! Enjoy!

Cocaine Piss

Cocaine Piss hails from Liège, Belgium. This female fronted punk band is the best thing the city has delivered since Hiatus. Simple, fast, effective, aggressive yet loving, their style is like being asked out on a speed-date in the middle of a highway with 20 minutes to bust out your quickest dance moves. Get ready for […]


100 copies on yellow vinyl  200 copies on black vinyl 10 Testpressings  

New additions to the roster: VVovnds & Partisan

It’s with great pleasure that HYPE announces the collaboration with two of Belgium most promising, shredding and exciting bands: VVovnds and Partisan. We will be releasing the first LP of VVounds in the wake of Halloween (November 3th) and the first Partisan 12-inch on November 16th. Both records are now up for preorder in our […]

The Abyss Stares Back # 2 LP (HESSIAN / PRIMITIVE MAN)

350 copies on black vinyl 150 copies on clear vinyl 10 testpressings

Ceci n’est pas un disque – a tribute in loving memory of Florent Pevée / Kabul Golf Club

Turn the clock back to 2012. “Le Bal Du Rat Mort”, Kabul Golf Club’s EP was tearing everyone in the Belgian alt scene a new one. Brothers Jan and Maarten were known for colouring outside the lines, having formed the backbone of nineties stalwarts Kindred, but it was newcomer and youngster Florent who added an […]

Sardonis joins The Abyss Stares Back / Clear vinyl sold out

Oi oi, some news The “clear” version of The Abyss Stares Back – boxset is completely sold out! The version on black vinyl is going fast as well, only a small amount of boxsets left (30 copies). Again a big thanks for the overwhelming support!  You can still get some seperate copies of release # 1 (Amenra / Vvovnds) and release # 2 (Primitive […]

The Abyss Stares Back – boxset pre-order online

The Boxset is up for pre-order. All info in our store. If you’re interested in a single release: we’ll sell remaining copies of the Amenra/Vvovnds split LP in our store from May 20th. Around the same date we’ll ship the first parcels of the boxset.

The Abyss Stares Back – boxset

Hypertension records announce a series of split releases featuring previously unreleased songs by Amenra, Scott Kelly, Primitive Man, Drums Are For Parades, Nihill, Alkerdeel, Mathieu Vandekerckhove, Hessian, Vvovnds The Music  The record-industry is dead, long live the underground!  Today’s crisis in the record-industry might seem to be a curse, not only for the big money consuming […]